Postnatal anxiety

Postnatal anxiety is something that some new mothers experience after having a baby. Having a child not only causes huge changes to a woman’s body in terms of the physical shock and hormonal fluctuations (which in turn have an impact on mood), but can also have a big impact on family life, sleep levels and stress.

All of these things can lead a person to become more anxious than usual. There are a number of different types of postnatal anxiety, including postnatal generalised anxiety disorder (which can present as a constant state of high anxiety, with worries about everything from your child’s health, feeding, and your ability to parent); postnatal obsessive compulsive disorder (which often involves experiencing distressing thought and concerns about harm coming to your baby); and postnatal health anxiety (which is a preoccupation that there may be something wrong with a baby’s health).

Separation anxiety spans across the above and is very real for many new parents so being told that you need to be apart from your baby or you need to learn to leave them to cry just so you can get a workout done is often counterproductive. Rather than having the mood boosting benefits intended it can leave mums anxious, with feelings of guilt and distracted from their workout rather than the often claimed ‘focusing on themselves’.

How can CARiFiT help?

Most people are aware of the mood boosting benefits of exercise but when you are in the midst of tired, sleep deprived and stressful situations it can be hard to get yourself going for a workout.

So lets recap the benefits and hopefully it can provide a little motivation to get moving and let the benefits take effect.

  1. When you workout Endorphins are released. These are your bodies powerful natural mood boosters and lead to that much talked about post workout high.

  2. When we workout our body releases Cortisol which is absolutely key in managing stress levels.

  3. Exercise helps promote better sleep – which again is key to hormone regulation. Most importantly for new parents better sleep leads to clearer heads and calmer more rational thinking which in turn helps us to manage stressful situations better.

  4. OXYTOCIN – the ace up the CARiFiT method sleeve. Oxytocin is sometimes referred to as the love hormone. Oxytocin is primarily associated with loving touch and close relationships. This hormone provides a multiple whammy of warm fuzzies, by stimulating dopamine and serotonin, while reducing anxiety. To get your hit of oxytocin without popping ecstasy, give someone you love a cuddle…OR WEAR YOUR BABY for a hands free snuggle and perfect close contact!!!

  5. Being able to stick to and complete a workout with a calm and content baby right with you is incredible for adherence to our CARiFiT workout program – this leads to all sorts of positive mood boosting feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, improved fitness and restored strength in your postnatal body.


Anxiety is a normal part of parenting it will happen at some point to varying degrees in those early days. Exercise and CARiFiT can play a huge part in controlling and helping to ease the feelings so why not give it a go and see just how wonderful you feel afterwards.