The best workout for fat loss

So come on we are all dying to know the answer to this question.

Is it HIIT, Crossfit, Running, Rowing, Spinning, Circuit Training or is it CARiFiT.


Take a look at the list below and this will give you an idea of the energy expenditure of some common exercise choices per hour.

Running and skipping - 861-1,074.

CARiFiT MaxFiT - 710 - 901

Football and taekwondo - 752-937.

Vigorous swimming - 715-892.

Running up stairs - 657-819.

Running (5mph) - 606-755.

Tennis, climbing, flag football and basketball - 584-728.

Rollerblading - 548-683.

High-impact aerobics - 533-664.

Racquetball, ice skating and backpacking - 511-637.

Slow skiing (2.5mph) - 496-619.

Water skiing, rowing on a machine and hiking - 438-546.

Light swimming - 423-528.

A brisk walk (3.5mph), downhill skiing and playing golf - 314-391.

Power yoga, and easy cycling (less than 10mph) - 292-364.

BUT which is best for FAT LOSS?

None of them is best. The only way to create fat loss in the human body is to create an overall calorie deficit. Simply put you need to get into the habit of expending more energy than you consume over a prolonged period of time to achieve a reduction in body fat. So the BEST workout is going to be the one that you are most likely to stick to and enjoy over an extended period of time - 6 months is a great time frame to create a sensible and lasting change. You need a deficit of around 3500 calories to lose 1lb of body fat, that sounds terrible right? Well, only if you think in the short term, if you sensibly manage your food intake, excluding nothing but ensuring that portion sizes are appropriate to your fat loss goals and you add in regular activity and workouts then you will achieve dramatic change over that 6 month period.

The key is a basic understanding of your own bodies daily energy requirement and then eating and drinking to create a small and sustainable deficit. Add in your workouts and that deficit becomes much greater on a week by week basis and your results magnified. It also means that on non workout days you are still moving towards your goals and this is a huge pressure taken away, think weekly totals not daily and you will be much more likely to stick with a succeed in your plan.

In our online members area we give people to option and tools to calculate their own daily calorie need - not everyone needs to know or wants to - eat a little less, move a bit more and do it for long enough to see if either needs tweaking up or down is also a great lifestyle way to manage your health and weight!

One thing we know for certain is that CARiFiT Online makes your workouts far more likely to happen, creating not only that larger calorie deficit but also a strong, lean and functional body that you can be proud of.

So STOP looking for a any quick fix diets or miracle pills, stop stressing about needing to get back to running miles and miles or smashing our HIIT sessions and find a workout that as a new mum you can stick to, enjoy and that is postnatal safe and appropriate!