For new mums everywhere you can now enjoy our amazing FREE scheme that educates, empowers and helps new mums everywhere to better understand their postnatal body and its new demands.

With detailed information on all aspects of your postnatal recovery, pelvic floor, diastasis recti and hormonal changes this is the perfect place to begin your postnatal fitness journey.

CARiFiT 4 ALL is a free information, education and workout portal. Accessed online and designed by the CARiFiT postnatal fitness experts in partnership with GPs, Midwives, Pelvic Health Physiotherapists, Breastfeeding and Babywearing consultants.

CARiFiT 4 All is a 6 week FREE online membership that fills in so much information for new mums about returning to full fitness. With video based sessions with a specialist pelvic floor physio, doctors, midwives, babywearing and breastfeeding consultants it is an incredible resource to signpost your patients towards. All of this helps re-educate new mums around the limitations and requirements for postnatal exercise, how to restore their core and pelvic floor and provides them with 2 CARiFiT workouts as well. I would recommend all my GP colleagues register and download the easy to provide handouts in readiness for any fitness, Diastasis or pelvic questions that cannot be covered in the limited time available during a 6 week check.
— Dr Katherine Oliver

Available to GPs via the RCGP Physical Activity and Lifestyle Toolkit.

GPs and other primary care professions can register for information and handouts to become CARiFiT champions HERE

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The CARiFiT for all scheme works closely with a growing number of specialist pelvic health physios in the UK.

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