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 Month 2.

Welcome to Month 2 of your CARiFiT Online Membership.

You can choose to do between 2 and 4 workouts this week and every week. This allows you to fluctuate your schedule around your energy and time - but complete them in the order specified below. Watch your form and really listen to the teaching points.

Time to build on that great month1 with good form and increased control being the focus.

Week 1.

Workout 1 - Circuit Fit 1

Workout 2 - Foundation fit 2

Workout 3 - Whole body burn

Workout 4 - Circuit fit 5

Great job and welcome to your second week. Remember the best results come from real mastery of the form and range of movement throughout your program you will repeat workouts multiple times.

Aim to increase your range of movement a really keep pace with the ladies on screen.

Week 2.

Workout 1 - Butt and core fit

Workout 2 - Balance Fit

Workout 3 - Circuit fit 3

Workout 4 - Max fit 1

Great job. On to week 3 we go.

Again you can workout 2 to 4 times this week to suit you and allow some recovery between sessions. Follow the week in sequence whether it is for 2, 3 or 4 sessions and enjoy the new challenges.

Week 3.

Workout 1 - Max fit 2

Workout 2 - Circuit fit 4

Workout 3 - Balance Fit

Workout 4 - Circuit fit 2

7 weeks in the bag…what a start!

Try and have a great final week of month 2.

Some tough sessions in store so stay focused and this is where we can really start to see some fitness improvements and physical changes.

Week 4.

Workout 1 - Barre Fit

Workout 2 - Circuit fit 3

Workout 2 - Circuit Fit 2

Workout 4 - Balance Fit