So this is where it all begins!

Let us talk about a few basic principals of CARiFiT that will help power you towards your health and fitness goals as you work through month 1.

Nail the basics!

Sounds obvious but we want you to really perfect the basic movements and the intro workouts that you will do this month. Some of the workouts this month and every month are repeated several times which allows you to develop your form, range of movement and technique safely and speedily.

Repetition creates adaption!

If you want to change your body then repetition is your new best friend. It engages the key principal of all sensible and successful workout programs - ADAPTION. As you improve your body has to adapt to create that improvement, so again focus on small gains each time you revisit and repeat a workout. Try and work a little deeper, keep pace with what you are watching a little better and add in or increase your weights slightly. Come month 6 you will marvel at how your performance and by extension your fitness and body have adapted to the repeated stimulus of our workouts.

How often should you workout?

The way our members area is designed allows you total flexibility to fluctuate your training frequency between 2/3/4 sessions per week. The reason for this is REALITY - some weeks in a 6 month period as a new mum are going to be tougher than others, more or less sleep, energy and illness will all strike at some point. SO aim for 2 per week as your minimum each week and on the good weeks or if you feel like more…then do more. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that you follow the workouts in week by week sequence so that we keep you progressing. This means each time a new week begins you start with Workout 1 of that week regardless of how far you went the week before!


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