So this is where it all makes sense.

Month 6, don’t be sad. This is the end…it is the beginning of a whole new way of respecting and understanding your body and whole new way of moving, working out and loving the results of your own hard work. Stronger mentally, physically and emotionally. MONTH 6…LETS DO THIS!

It will be tough!

Lots of challenging sessions coming at you for your final month. Take them on, enjoy that you can do them and do them well.

Repetition has created adaption!

You are a different person now when you move. Enjoy it. You earned it. Challenge yourself with every rep to hold form, move with precision and grace and to really closely follow what you are watching on the screen.

How often should you workout?

SO aim for 2 per week as your minimum each week and on the good weeks or if you feel like more…then do more. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that you follow the workouts in week by week sequence so that we keep you progressing. This means each time a new week begins you start with Workout 1 of that week regardless of how far you went the week before!


When you get to the end it would be wonderful if you shared a little round up story - CLICK HERE