Welcome to the video tutorials section of your membership.

These videos are brought to you by a range of cross medical professionals and postnatal experts.

You can revisit them as many times as you need as your own postnatal fitness journey evolves.

A brief introduction to your video tutorials from CARiFiT Founder and Postnatal fitness expert, Vern Hill.

Physio first.

This key series of videos will educate, empower and set you on the right path to restored pelvic health.

Physio - Part 1.

Meet Lucy.

Physio - Part 2.

Pelvic health an intro.

Physio - Part 3.

Checking and understanding Diastasis Recti.

Physio - Part 4.

Posture and breathing.

Physio - Part 5.

Ready to move.

Birth type, mental health, babywearing and breastfeeding.

Great info to hear regarding healing time, the benefits of exercise, babywearing and the effects of exercise on breastfeeding, hormones and mood.

Dr Stephanie Ooi - Delivery type and returning to exercise.

Dr Lucy Gore - CARiFiT and the mental health beneifts for new mums.

Amanda Loveday - the benefits of babywearing.

Kellie Marie - Breastfeeding and exercise.