Welcome to the full CARiFiT Online Membership experience.

Realtime workouts. Support. A healthy body and a happy mind are now yours to achieve.

We strongly recommend that you begin your CARiFiT Online Membership by making use of the learning resources in our CARiFiT 4 All program.

If you have already been a CARiFiT 4 All member then you are good to go and if not CLICK HERE to take a look around and begin on your learning and education tutorials.

Once you are a FULL member, it is not required to use the workouts in the CARiFiT 4 All area but, we do advise listening to the tutorial videos and downloading the guides.

 Ready to get cracking!

Below you will see the links to the month by month workouts that are your road map to a stronger, fitter and happier body.

Welcome to the CORE and FLOW ZONE.

With education guides and core workouts to give you back confidence and function. In your FLOW zone you will find 2 wonderful flow routines that you can use as a deep stretch at the end of any session or as a standalone short workout on those tough days.

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You will need to add in 2 key pieces of equipment as your program progresses.

A standard 14 inch pilates hoop and a small set of hands weights of 2kg max!

Many of you will already have your baby carrier sorted but if not or if you are moving from a sling to a more structured and supportive carrier for CARiFiT then we recommend the Ergobaby 360 Cool air mesh range as the absolute best you can get! You can use the code ‘friendsofcarifit10’ to get a discount off this and indeed ANY product on the entire Ergobaby website.

Your discount code ‘freiendsofcarifit10’ is valid on any product from Ergobaby across their entire product range, from buggies to change bags!

Take your CARiFiT experience to the next level with our Ecolayer leggings. Made from recycled ocean plastic you will be looking good and doing good!

For those looking to take their results to the next level and really understand the nutritional requirements of their postnatal bodies our nutrition guide is a great place to get educated, calculate your own calorie requirements and get some quick and delicious recipe ideas!