Want to elevate your mood, increase your energy levels and connect with your baby?

CARiFiT is the workout for you!

We create fun, safe and effective workouts, designed by ante and postnatal fitness experts and supported by a team of doctors, midwives, physiotherapists and the world’s leading babywearing brand.

CARiFiT has been carefully created for parents with babies aged six weeks to a year.

CARiFiT workouts create an environment that supports babies’ development.

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Our Mission

Born in London, CARiFiT is the brainchild of Vern Hill an ante and post-natal fitness expert and father of two. Supported by a team of industry professionals, as well as doctors, midwives, physiotherapists and babywearing experts.

As a practising exercise referral specialist, I see exercise enhance people’s mental health every day. However, one of the biggest difficulties of exercise referral programs is attendance and retention which a homebased/online program like CARiFiT would overcome. The joy of CARiFiT is that mums can exercise safely in the comfort of their own home, whilst holding their baby. This has huge potential for treating post natal depression and separation anxiety. Current interventions in general practice focus on pharmacological or psychological interventions and whilst both of these have great benefits, they also have cons such as side effects or requiring the new mum to leave her baby and attend a counselling appointment. CARiFiT overcomes this by empowering parents, educating on the correct technique and promotes a close bond with their baby.

Dr Bernadette Dancy,
— Exercise Referral Specialist, PhD
Online CARiFIT is a wonderful tool not only for postpartum exercise but also mental health. Being able to exercise in your own space whenever you find it convenient, without being separated from baby - or worrying if they’ll fall/stay asleep, removes many of the barriers parents face when trying to be active. Regular activity helps aid both physical and mental recovery and health and I am so happy this program has been created. I recommend it to all new parents I talk to!

Dr Morgan Edwards
— Obstetric Anaesthetist, Women’s Health Advocate
As a GP, I would recommend that every new Mum considers including Carifit as part of their postpartum recovery. It really ticks all the boxes for me in terms of physical and psychological benefits. It’s a safe workout that builds functional strength and fitness and you get to do it with your baby close to you. Mums don’t have to worry about being separated from their baby and the sense of bonding is just lovely. The babies are so happy in their carriers and love the movement. It’s a very calm class in that sense and most babies fall asleep by the end. There is even sensory music for the babies between tracks! It really is the ultimate Mother and Baby workout.

Dr Stephanie Ooi
— GP, Mum to Lily.